Agrimony Herb also used in Bach Flowers

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Agrimony Herb also used in Bach Flowers Empty Agrimony Herb also used in Bach Flowers

Post by Lela Moon on Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:00 pm

1. Agrimony “ Agrimonia eupatoria”

This plant is also called church steeples, cocklebur and stickle wort.
It is part of the rose family and is a perennial herb.
The flowers are fragrant and yellow and flower from July to august.
It will grow in woods and meadows. It is native to Finland. The whole plant can be used to make a yellow dye if it is gathered in September and a darker colour at the end of the year. Only sheep and goats eat this plant,  horses and pigs will not touch it.
The name Agrimony comes from the Greek word Argemone and was used to heal the eyes and the name Eupatoria  refers to mithridates Eupator, a king who was renowned for making herbal concoctions.
The Anglo Saxons called it Garclive and used it to heal snake bits, warts and would heal wounds. Over the years it has been used for may difference purposes and through the centuries it is often mentioned.  In the middle ages it was said the have magic properties and would be  laid under a man’s head to induce a heavy sleep although it has no properties to make one do so.
Culpper (1652) recommends it for many ailments for example gout, curing sores, heals all inward bruises and helps colic as well as  other things to many to mention.
Flowers in early summer, pick tips of flowering spikes and use the sun to make the vibration.
Gender = masculine
Planet = Jupiter
Element= air
Sign = cancer
Powers protection, sleep
Use in protection sachets and spells to banish negative energies, has been used in ancient times to reverse spells sent against the magician, it will send them back to the hexer.  In folk law If placed under the heads it will make you sleep the sleep of the dead BUT do not use this for insomnia, the sleeper will only awaken when the herb is removed . Combined with mug wort and made into an incense it can be used to cleanse the aura or use about the house as a smudge. It can also be used to cleanse your tools of your craft.
This herb is used as part of the Bach flower range
The Agrimony type; hides behind a mask of cheerfulness and find it hard to tell others how they are really feeling. They can get very upset over conflict and will often use alcohol and drugs to mask their problems. They will often over work. They take a long time to trust people but when they do they may let their mask drop and let a little of their true self come through.
They will keep people at arm’s length and do not deal with other people s problems well. They will often say “don’t worry everything will be ok”. They have the stiff upper lip view on life.
Taking this remedy will bring peace and calm, more open and relaxed with others. Their mask will begin to drop and they will find it easier to talk to others and discuss the problem rather than hide it.
Key words = outwardly cheerful, hidden worries, a brave face
Negative = restless, loneliness, addiction
Positive = peace, honesty
Affirmations = I am finding peace within myself. I can express my feelings.
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Agrimony Herb also used in Bach Flowers Empty Re: Agrimony Herb also used in Bach Flowers

Post by Wraenna on Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:41 pm

WOW Really interesting Lela, thank you so much!

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